3W Technologies. Now offers on-site/offshore training No need to send your employees out for training, we will come to you and provide training at your place. We will provide crash course for the Electronics and electrical Students as part of their projects.

All our product circuits are stimulated and driven by 3 wires i.e Live, Neutral and Earth. We are manufacturing 3 wire based products. Mainly our R&D is based on electrical, electronics and software based automation product development and services. We can take any kind of challenges from idea to product based on 3 wire technologies.

Our range of lights and automation products are smart, perfect for your 21st-century sustenance. Controlling lights, gadgets, appliances from any part of the world makes your life easier. No need to juggle with switches, control everything from one point. Our products are compact, robust, durable and can tolerate rough conditions.


On-Site Training Services

  • Schematic Capture .
  • PCB design fundamentals.
  • Advanced PCB Design techniques.
  • Gerber generation for the PCB fabrication.
  • Pre Layout Setup.
  • Footprint Creation - Component Boundaries, Pad Sizes, Outlines.
  • Schematic DRC's.
  • Netlist Generation - Schematic
  • Initial Design Setup.
  • Netlist Import - PCB.
  • Board Outline-DXF Import.