Home Automation:

Home Automation is a vast subject. Where customization is required for every home for gating reliable automation solution. All of our home automation products are fully customizable as per the requirement. Also we are providing wireless home automation solution parallel with your existing electrical warring , so no need to wary about the electrical design. After fixing the automation also you can use your existing switches. In automation almost we are covering all of your appliances like Lights, LED lights Dimming, Fans, ACs, Geysers, TV, Septopbox, Door, Door lock, Window, Door sensor, Window sensor, Motion Sensor, LPG gas Oven, Curtains motor, Outdoor GET, Garage door, Water Pump etc.





LED Lights:

Led lighting concept is the best lighting concept ever in the world. With ceramic LED light you can play with the lighting. You can get any possible color and brightness. The led light design is flexible and customizable at any time. We are manufacturing and customizing the old lighting concept and designing the replacement solution. We can give best customize lighting solution for home and office interior with effective cost. With our light automation and dimming solution you can save more power than other LED products.